“People imagine that their bodies are disobedient and unreliable in carrying out their wishes, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.  Our bodies get terribly confused because of the conflicting demands that we make on them all the time in our muddled, confused, contradictory wishes.”  
– Walter Carrington, Thinking Aloud


Shula Sendowski

The Alexander Technique takes us to a deeper level of understanding our body behavior as we look at our body design, our tension and effort, our balance and coordination, breath, and potential.  Through the Alexander Technique we become acquainted with new concepts, new perceptions, and new guidelines to move by and live by as we develop new skills.

Shula Sendowski, M.AmSAT, gently guides her students through simple, thoughtful movements, breathing, active rest, and self observation, to restore ease and upright poise, to develop a better kinesthetic sense, and to perceive the self more accurately.

With the new skills acquired, you’ll be able to look at how you orient yourself. You’ll be able to find out in which direction you’re going, and whether you are contracting down or releasing up.  You’ll learn how to balance yourself in such a way that your body parts will coordinate better with each other, especially your head, neck and back, and to remove what interferes with natural coordination and flow. You’ll be able to take the time, and to move out of dis-ease.

Shula Sendowski teaches in person in the Calabasas area, CA, and online anywhere. Click here for details.