Alexander Technique with Shula Sendowski
Calabasas, CA and Online

Phone: 818-886-4153


Individual lessons with Shula:

On line or in person: 45 min. each


On-line classes with Shula

About The Neck – 4 weeks

About Breathing – 4 weeks – for those who took the class on Neck

About Back and Bending – 4 weeks – for those who took class on Neck and on Breathing

Special Interest, and Special Requests – on-going


For information or to register for any of the above, please contact Shula at:
Phone: 818-886-4153


In person classes for seniors

In the Calabasas Senior Center, currently on hold.


In-Person Classes for People with Parkinson’s Disease:

Shula co-teaches with Alexander Technique Teacher Julie Shelton:  “Managing Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease with the Alexander Technique for People with Parkinson’s Disease,”  in the Henry Mayo Educational Center, New Hall, CA, as well as in other locations in Los Angeles.


For Alexander Technique Introductory classes with Kosta – Email Kosta at